We offer creative solutions to real estate development hurdles and challenges. 

  • Curate & manage community events to activate underutilized property through interim space & pop-ups

  • Obtain project buy-in from the community & advocate for development

  • Design & assemble project presentations for regulatory hearings

  • Generate ideas, operations & execution plans for real estate proffers 

  • Direct project partners & creatives (i.e. architects, interior & graphic designers) to ensure consistent & purposeful visual identity 

  • Work successfully in the mixed-use, multi-family, government & hospitality real estate sectors  

We engage communities, curate memorable experiences and evoke brand associations.   

  • Identify project hurdles & provide both technical & creative solutions

  • Draft project narrative & communications strategy for community stakeholders

  • Foster creative & purposeful partnerships with brands, community organizations & other relevant groups

  • Name & brand real estate projects with attention to context, market & development goals

  • Provide marketing templates; design logos; identify color, texture, fonts & complete brand standards

  • Contribute to development teams as a 12-point Certified Business Enterprise in the District of Columbia

We think holistically about development, emphasize context and deliver flawless execution.